About Us

Founded in 2012 and Incorporated in 2013, PostmanMojo.com was built out of a need to provide an alternative to Microsoft Exchange for the Apple community. Our team has decades of experience providing email services to small and medium sized business, but after looking at the current solutions, we decided to build an alternative solution built around Apple and mobile devices. Our Premier Business Email Cloud offering does not utilize Microsoft Exchange or Active Directory so we do not have any common issues like other providers.

PostmanMojo.com is a Premier Business Email Cloud Provider that is specifically built to provide small businesses with the needed security and ease of use of Apple products. All of you email is securely stored in our datacenters and you always have a copy of your data. Your email, calendar, address book, and notes are all synchronized between all of your devices.

Our [email protected] service is different, in that you can purchase just (1) mailbox. We understand the frustration that the “Single” or “Small Group” business person(s) has towards technology. You might be a small realtor, work at home mom, or a garage startup with just one or two employees. We wanted to make the same bells and whistles that larger corporations enjoy, available to everyone. We have now added the PostmanMojo Private Cloud for customization and private data storage, to give a full array of options to our customers. This is why we built PostmanMojo.

But let’s face it, not everyone just uses Apple devices, business people want options, they want to use Android devices, tablets, blackberry and PC devices because of work or client stipulations. Don’t worry; PostmanMojo also seamlessly connects with all your PC Desktop Machines, PC Laptops, Android Phones, Blackberry’s and PC Tablets.

We are very proud of what we have accomplished, we hope you enjoy the PostmanMojo.com experience. Please let us know what you think.