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PostmanMojo expands to the United Kingdom

PostmanMojo London England



PostmanMojo just installed a new server node in London, UK for new European customers. Our server nodes are housed at the RackSpace Datacenter in downtown London and is connected to the main fiber pipe to the rest of Europe.

Proven Business Improvement Strategies that Deliver Results






PostmanMojo partner supplies good advice – Proven Business Improvement Strategies that Deliver Results

The key to improving your business is to have a vision of what you want to achieve, where you want to go, and what you want the business to become. If you intend to improve your marketing return on investment, you need to implement new strategies and update them frequently to meet the expectations of the customers and changing market conditions. The following are a few tips to help your organization with business improvement strategies that deliver results.

Interaction with the customers

If you want to retain the potential customers and gain new customers, you should develop many visitor engagement strategies. For example, reply to the client’s emails clearly and in a timely manner. Also, collect feedback from them as much as possible.

Another idea is to create a monthly newsletter for your company to keep in touch with your customers and build a stronger relationship with them. Contact your customers to greet them, and remind them that your business is ready to serve them again.


Outsourcing business functions such as HR and bookkeeping can create real cost-saving opportunities. They free up a business owner’s time enabling them to focus on growing the business and finding ways to improve the company’s prospects. Also, since your business’ inception, a number of factors must have changed; therefore, go find your business plans and update it. Then find a good consulting firm to help you improve your day-to-day operations.

Utilizing social media

Identifying and targeting the platforms and networks where your customers and potential customers are to be found is the key; otherwise, time spent posting your business news and details of special offers in all the wrong places will be wasted. Social media offers a powerful and cost effective tool for promoting your business brand, yet you don’t want to be too social with social media. You also need to use analytics to tell you if your social media campaign is efficient.

Stay open-minded

It is important to keep an open mind to new ideas so that you can keep improving. Do not get stuck in a rut. As customers wants change, so should you. You need to constantly look for ways to encourage repeat business. Although marketing and advertising are important to get more customers, quality, service and customer satisfaction are what keep a business successful in the long run.

There will always be ways to improve and things you can do better in your business. Every new day gives you a chance to move your business forward. With the above strategies in mind, you are well on your way to business improvement.


For more information, or if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at L5 Consulting today.

PostmanMojo announces GROUPS+

Groups+ is an automatic FREE upgrade to the PostmanMojo system. Before with the old Groups feature, you could only add internal email addresses to your groups, Groups + breaks the “Internal Only Rule” and allows for external email addresses to be added to your workgroups. This allows you to make a group that includes supplier emails, vendor emails, client emails or any external email address.


We have also included in this update a Groups+ Admin feature. This allows a regular admin to give a staff member a Groups+ Only Admin Access to make their own group email accounts for their workgroup. They do not have access to billing and any of the other Mojo Admin features.

Dropbox Blog – The Truth about Cloud Security

Posted by Cory Louie on June 03, 2014

“Security” is the number one issue holding business leaders back from the cloud. But does the reality match the perception? Keeping data close to home, on premises, makes business and IT leaders feel inherently more secure. But the truth is, cloud solutions can offer companies real, tangible security advantages. Before you assume that on-site is the only way to keep data safe, it’s worth taking a comprehensive approach to evaluating risks. Doing so can lead to big benefits.

Giving up physical possession doesn’t mean you’re giving up security. Good solutions, whether they’re on premises, part of a hybrid cloud, or a public cloud like Dropbox, are an extension of your network and the security infrastructure you already have in place. Deployed properly, businesses can see many tangible benefits from public cloud solutions including increased productivity, integration with existing systems, and cost savings. That said, it’s important to understand the real security threats out there and how to approach security for cloud-based solutions. Here’s the nitty gritty of why and how.

What are the real risks?

To get to the root of people’s concerns, we need to understand the threats. Let’s start with the physical location of your data. Physical theft, employee mistakes (like lost devices), and insider threats are responsible for 42.7% of 2013 data breaches in the US, according to Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Computers, laptops, and company servers are responsible for the large majority of your vulnerabilities, not the cloud.

In another 29.6% of data breaches, hackers broke into data owned by companies and government agencies. Big tech companies, major retailers, and airlines were among the 2013 victims. Let’s take a closer look at what these kinds of hacks look like and how they’re distributed.

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Kerio Resellers Get Enhanced Cloud Services With New Kerio Cloud Solution Program

San Jose, CA, June 10, 2014 – Today, Kerio Technologies announced a new secure, high-performance, and scaled cloud infrastructure, which will deliver Kerio cloud services to Kerio resellers and customers across North America, Asia/Pacific, and Europe –the Kerio Cloud Solution Program.

Five charter Kerio Cloud Solution Distributors (KCSDs), chosen for their expertise in cloud infrastructure and extensive experience in providing cloud services, are the cornerstones of this new offering, including

More than 45,000 small and mid-sized businesses worldwide rely on Kerio Connect for their mission-critical business needs.

Kerio’s Reseller Partners and small and mid-sized businesses can now choose from a wide array of offerings of Kerio Connect – from in the cloud, to self-hosted, to on-premises versions for multiple IT environments.

“We’ve seen great success with the initial cloud services program we launched in 2013. In fact, Kerio Connect Cloud has been adopted at a rate faster than anticipated in North America,” said Scott Schreiman, CEO, Kerio Technologies. “This relentless, growing demand here, coupled with emerging demand for our cloud services in Europe and Australia, meant we needed to quickly find a long-term sustainable and scalable solution for our resellers and end-customers. Our answer was to partner with five of our top distributors with the technical expertise, operations capacity, infrastructure, and financial stability to carry our vision forward. Partners that our customers, and we, can rely upon. We’re pleased to welcome our charter Kerio Cloud Solution Distributors while remaining fully committed to offering multiple on-premise versions of Kerio Connect.”

To link to the original press release: Click Here

PostmanMojo Girls Softball

PostmanMojo is supporting our local U12 Fremont Girls Softball Association – The PostmanMojo Chili Peppers! We hope for a winning season in 2014!

PostmanMojo IT Reseller & Consultant – Locally Available in Sydney, AU

Sydney_AustraliaPostmanMojo is proud to announce our new Reseller in the Sydney Area of Australia, NSW. PostmanMojo is now offered locally by our local expert in Sydney. PostmanMojo has built a management platform, from the ground up, that runs on top of Kerio Connect. Our technology is completely proprietary and we have also modified the core of Kerio Connect to speed up the delivery of email services to clients.




Alt F4
24-32 Lexington Drive
Bella Vista NSW 2153

Mitchell Hooper – [email protected]
02 8212 4114

PostmanMojo IT Reseller & Consultant – Austin, TX


PostmanMojo is proud to announce our new Reseller in the Austin, TX. PostmanMojo is now offered locally by our local expert in Central Texas. PostmanMojo has built a management platform, from the ground up, that runs on top of Kerio Connect. Our technology is completely proprietary and we have also modified the core of Kerio Connect to speed up the delivery of email services to clients.

Austin, TX, 78764
[email protected]