Hosted Kerio Connect Powered by PostmanMojo

Email in the cloud with the security, mobility and stability of Kerio Connect Powered by PostmanMojo

PostmanMojo uses the Award-Winning Kerio Connect, a leading alternative to Microsoft Exchange and Gmail. Small and Businesses prefer a simple approach to information technology. We choose to develop our platform on top of Kerio’s software. We are developing our software and platform around Kerio Connect because of it reliable and stability in the marketplace. Kerio Connect brings business-class email, delegation, shared calendars, shared contacts to most email clients.

PostmanMojo has taken Kerio’s software and “Cloud Enhanced” it.  There are others that have taken Kerio Connect and hosted it, but PostmanMojo has taken it a step further. PostmanMojo developed our own software without the use of add-ons that uses Kerio’s publicly available API. We then enhanced the Kerio software by utilizing Rackspace®’s API to customize our infrastructure and deployment of servers. This increases the speed and resiliency of our Kerio Connect infrastructure.  To learn more, send us an email at: [email protected] or give us a call at 510-230-2555.

  • Mojo Optimized Kerio Connect

    • Optimized Infrastructure Built for Kerio Hosting
    • Advanced Kerio Domain Management between Servers
    • No Mailbox Size Restrictions or Data Store Limits
    • Patent-Pending Email Optimization System
  • Mojo Control Panel - The Difference

    • Simple HTML5 Mobile Ready Interface
    • No Complicated Server Interfaces to Learn
    • Simple and Secure
    • Mix and Match Mailboxes Sizes and Billing Cycles
  • Core Technology

    • Powered By Kerio Connect
    • Infrastructure Managed 24/7/365 by Rackspace®
    • Global Reach (Six Different Regions)
    • Guaranteed Server Uptime 99.8%
    • Guaranteed Network and Power Uptime 100%
    • Data-Center Grade RAID 10-protected SSDs
    • 10 Gigabit Network

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There are a bunch of Hosted Kerio Connect offering, but PostmanMojo delivered the platform which enables me add, update, and delete all my users, alias, groups without having to call my IT guy.

Ken BlissCEO of Bliss IndustriesBliss Industries

We used Microsoft Exchange in the past, then moved to Google Apps. We then we told by a trusted advisor about the benefits of Kerio Connect. We made the switch and never looked back.

Brianna MenonAdminstrative Assistant