Support times: What happens if I need help at 3am?

PostmanMojo support times are from 9:00am till 9:00pm PST Our IT Resellers & IT Consultants are the first line of defense for our clients. Our system is generally made to be “self-service” for  IT Provider s and Clients. If you need help at … Continue reading


Public Folders on iPhone / Android

              Interested in an office wide shared vacation or job calendar, how about a public folder contact list or maybe a conference room calendar that shows when the room is busy? You can get all … Continue reading

iPhone Setup for Kerio Connect for Active Sync

Go to your Settings and scroll down to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” and select. Under this you will see your accounts already setup for your email.  Select “Add Account” This will pop up a selection of options, you will want to … Continue reading


Onboarding From IMAP Server: Overview

There are two ways that you can migrate your data over to PostmanMojo. 1. If you are moving from an IMAP based server environment, i.e. Postfix, you can depending on the size of the mailboxes and available bandwidth. – Utilize … Continue reading

How do you know what my DNS records look like even though I don’t host my DNS with you? How can I see what the DNS records for my domain name looks like?

We use a tool called NSLOOKUP (name server lookup) to check the status of domains. We usually check the root servers to determine where the domain is pointing, then check the name servers of the domain itself to look at … Continue reading

What Is DNS Propagation?

Why DNS Propagation Takes So Long Many of our KB (knowledge base) articles mention DNS propagation delay. You know you need to be patient as you wait for your site to become live to the rest of the world, but you also … Continue reading

How To Configure Your Printer, Scanner, Copier, Web Script Or SMTP Application To Work With PostmanMojo

This article describes several possible ways of configuring SMTP-enabled appliances in order to use them to send or receive messages. SMTP-enabled appliances include printers, scanners, copiers or SMTP applications of any kind. You may need this information if you want to set up your … Continue reading

I need to modify MX records. How do I proceed?

MX Records Overview An MX (mail exchange) record is an entry in your DNS zone file which specifies a mail server to handle a domain’s email. You must configure an MX record to receive email to your domain. Setting Up … Continue reading

Kerio Connector links for Setup on Windows Desktops & Devices

The connector for windows should download automatically straight from the server, but here are direct links just in case. 64bit: 32bit:

Setting up DNS on cPanel – Hosted Kerio Connect

You can set up email for a domain name hosted on a server using cPanel. Configuring your server to use email for a domain name is a two-step process. First, make sure your server isn’t configured to use its own … Continue reading

Setup DKIM in Hosted Kerio Connect from PostmanMojo

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) You will receive the DKIM information for your domain in your “New Mail Account Login Info” email you receive when you order your first mailbox and beginning email address. The process of adding a DKIM record to … Continue reading

DKIM / Text Record Installation for HOVER

DKIM / TXT Records TXT records allow users to associate some text with a hostname. Originally TXT records were created to add arbitrary human-readable text to DNS records. Today TXT records have a number of practical uses, one of which … Continue reading

Kerio in the Cloud to PostmanMojo Conversion

This example will help Resellers and Consultants understand how to convert your Kerio in the Cloud Hosted Server to PostmanMojo. Sample/explanation account: (You will use your own domain for a real migration, but for this example we are using … Continue reading

Kerio On-Premise to PostmanMojo Conversion

This example will help Resellers and Consultants understand how to convert your Kerio Connect Server to PostmanMojo. Please make sure your server is at least on version 8.3 (as of Nov 2014). Sample/explanation account: (You will use your own domain … Continue reading

Test your SPF & DKIM Settings Use this link to test your settings after you have made your changes.


Public Folders on iPhone / Android

              Interested in an office wide shared vacation or job calendar, how about a public folder contact list or maybe a conference room calendar that shows when the room is busy? You can get all … Continue reading

How to configure Exchange Active Sync account on Android device

Exchange Active Sync account on Android This article describes configuration and main features of built-in Exchange ActiveSync account on Android devices. This article is based on Android 2.3.4 running on Sony Ericsson device It is not possible to configure ActiveSync … Continue reading

Windows Mobile

Kerio Connector links for Setup on Windows Desktops & Devices

The connector for windows should download automatically straight from the server, but here are direct links just in case. 64bit: 32bit:

Configuring Microsoft Windows Phone 8 using Exchange ActiveSync

Overview PostmanMojo and Kerio Connect supports the ability to synchronize mail, contacts, calendars, and tasks to Microsoft Windows Phone 8 devices via the Exchange ActiveSync protocol (EAS). Configuring Windows Phone 8 Launch the mail application from the home screen. If … Continue reading

Outlook PC

Outlook free busy service always returns ’no information’

When adding invitees to an event, Outlook returns ‘no information’ for the availability of the selected contact. The user has never logged in Before any free/busy information is available, the user must have at least a calendar. A calendar will … Continue reading

How to export an Outlook 2010 .pst file

How to Open Outlook 2010. Go to File – Open and then click on Import. Select Export to a file and then click Next. Select Outlook Data File (.pst) and then click on Next. Select the top-most folder, check the box Include subfolders and then click on Next. Click on the Browse button. Decide where you … Continue reading

Outlook 2016 Manual Setup of PostManMojo

PART 1 Login to your webmail at Click your name in top right corner of webmail and click “Integration with Windows”               3. Click Download Kerio Outlook Connector 4. Run the file from … Continue reading

Enable Automatic Updates for Kerio Connect Outlook Connector?

Yes. This is setup for all of the PostmanMojo Server nodes.

Office 2013 Using Rules to Manage Mail in Kerio Connect

Rules and Alerts created in Outlook’s Tools menu do not work or are not saved. To create a mail filter in Outlook when using the Kerio Outlook Connector, you must use the Kerio Outlook Connector Filtering Rules or the Mail … Continue reading

How do I import PST files into my PostmanMojo account?

In your welcome email there are three links at the bottom. You can download the Kerio Outlook Connector there or go to your webmail address ie https://*** On the bottom of the page there are links for Integration. For the … Continue reading


How to configure an LDAP connection in Mozilla ThunderBird to your Kerio Contacts

Summary This article will show you how to configure an LDAP connection in Mozilla ThunderBird. This will then allow you to gain access to your personal and public contacts in Kerio. Solution Please follow the steps below: 1. Launch ThunderBird. Go to Tools->Address Book … Continue reading

Accessing Public Folder via Thunderbird on Kerio Connect

To access Public Folders via Thunderbird, make sure you have the Lighting Connector installed. Here is some configuration examples that will help you configure it. This works for PostmanMojo Cloud Email Hosting. Format: Example Thunderbird: Right Click on … Continue reading

Setting Information for Thunderbird in PostmanMojo using Kerio Connect 8+

Please use these setting when configuring Thunderbird for you or your clients. Incoming: IMAP Server Hostname: this is your webmail address, ie. Port: 993 SSL: SSL/TLS Authentication: Normal Outgoing: SMTP Server Hostname: this is your webmail address, ie. … Continue reading

How to configure ThunderBird to function with PostmanMojo / Kerio Connect

Summary This article will cover instructions on how to configure Mozilla ThunerdBird with an IMAP connection to Kerio Connect. It will detail how to configure calendars, subscribe to public folders and set up an LDAP connection to your contacts. Solution To … Continue reading

Apple Mail

Making Appointments in iCal

Meetings are special calendar events where email addresses of other participants can be involved. Once a meeting is created, addresses can be added to which the message will be sent — these special messages are called invitations. Invitations are special messages … Continue reading

Availability in Apple Calendar

Check when others are available to meet You can check someone’s availability in Apple Calendar if you both use the same PostmanMojo calendar service (for example, through your workplace). In Calendar, double-click an event, and then click Edit. Click Add Invitees, … Continue reading

Delegation of Calendars in iCal

CalDAV account in Apple iCal allows delegation of calendars located in Kerio MailServer. Delegation makes it possible for other users to access your calendar or for you to access and possibly also work with calendars of other users. Subscription of delegated calendars If … Continue reading

Kerio Connect Automatic Account Setup for Apple Mail

Kerio Connect Automatic Account Setup for Apple Mail Kerio Connect Account Assistant is a single autoconfig tool which enables one-time auto-configuration of the following applications on Mac OS 10.5 or newer: Do not use the Exchange Setup, Please use IMAP. Apple Mail … Continue reading

Support for Apple iCal/Calendar using the CalDAV standard

About CalDAV and Apple iCal/Calendar CalDAV is an Internet standard which allows applications such as Apple iCal and Apple Calendar to manage calendaring information on a remote server (PostmanMojo). PostmanMojo supports the following CalDAV features: calendar availability (free/busy information) events with … Continue reading

Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks: Kerio Connect

On October 22nd, 2013, Apple released Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks. It has spawned many questions about compatibility with Kerio Connect. We’re happy to announce that it works on and/or with Mavericks. The longer answer is that some manual (but … Continue reading

Should I use Exchange Active Sync in Apple Mail Desktop?

NO… Sorry, That won’t work. Well, it appears to work, but does result in bad behavior. Things that seem to go wrong: 1. Emails do not arrive in the mailbox. 2. You have to close down the app and re-open it to … Continue reading

Windows 8

Kerio Connector links for Setup on Windows Desktops & Devices

The connector for windows should download automatically straight from the server, but here are direct links just in case. 64bit: 32bit:

Configuring Microsoft Windows 8 Mail using Exchange ActiveSync

Overview PostmanMojo and Kerio Connect support the ability to synchronize mail, contacts, and calendars to the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system via the Exchange ActiveSync protocol. Installing SSL certificate on your desktop Users need to install a certificate if Kerio … Continue reading

General Questions

Using Kerio Connect Resources and Reservations of Devices

Kerio MailServer now provides an electronic management of resources shared by employees of your company. Resources are rooms and devices available in the company, such as OHPs, whiteboards, cars, etc. Resource management allows to: book a resource for a particular time, view current … Continue reading

How do I set “Out of Office Email” for Outlook?

How do I configure an out of office message? Setting out of office using Outlook 2002 – 2007 that is configured to use the Kerio Offline Connector: Open Outlook. Go to ‘Tools’ -> ‘Options’ Navigate to the ‘Kerio Connect’ tab … Continue reading

How do I create a catch-all email address?

How do I create a catch-all email address? Click on the “Aliases” section, which is under “Mojo Admin” Enter an asterisk “*” in the Alias field (no quotes, just the asterisk) In the Description field it is recommended that you … Continue reading

Custom Webmail and Server Address

PostmanMojo offers a URL forwarding feature called MojoURL (web addresses) that allows you to create simple, easy-to-remember URLs for the services available in the PostmanMojo Cloud Platform. For example, with a MojoURL, users could sign in to your corporate webmail at … Continue reading

Adding an Administrator to your Account

Step 1. Log into your PostmanMojo Admin Step 2. Click on the “Account Admin” (See Graphic) Step 3. Click on “Administrators” (See Graphic)               Step 4. Add a new User and enter their email address … Continue reading

Can I send a Bulk Email Newsletter?

Sorry, PostmanMojo cannot accommodate 100’s or 1000’s of persons, bulk email send requests. We only allow 100 people max, email recipients per email. We would recommend a “Mail Chimp” or “Constant Contact” style of service if you wish to send … Continue reading

Can I administrate multiple domains & emails from one Admin Account?

Yes, just toggle between them from the Mojo Admin.

Setting your “Out of Office Email” for Vacation or Holiday

Step 1. Login to the PostmanMojo Admin Step 2. Go to the Domains Page, choose the Domain you’ll be working with Step 3. Click on the “Access Webmail Button” Step 4. Login to your Webmail Step 5. In the top righthand … Continue reading

How to setup a Custom SMTP Server for ServiceM8

Custom SMTP Server for ServiceM8 The Custom SMTP addon allows you to provide your own SMTP server details for ServiceM8 to use. Emails sent from ServiceM8 will be sent via your mail server. To activate it you must login into … Continue reading

I received an Email that is not SPAM, how do I stop it from going into the SPAM Folder?

Easy to Fix: Log into your Postmanmojo Webmail account Click on the SPAM Folder Click/Highlight on the email you wish to change to a verified email On the top Bar, you will see a “NOT SPAM” button, click this button Your email … Continue reading

Outlook Mac

Delegation in Microsoft Outlook 2011

About delegation Delegation is an advanced typed of sharing. A delegate can act on your behalf. Delegating users In Outlook 2011, delegates must have at least Editor rights to act on your behalf. With a lower level of rights, you receive the following error … Continue reading

Kerio Connect Configuration of Microsoft Outlook for Mac

User account for synchronization with Kerio Connect can be set directly in Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011. Follow these instructions to set the account: In the Tools menu, select Accounts. In the dialog for administration of accounts (see figure 32.1  Accounts), click on the icon for creation of … Continue reading


How to have an HTML image signature in WebMail

You would like to create a HTML signature within WebMail that adds an image. This article will help you create a HTML signature where you can attach an image to your signature. To achieve this you will will need to … Continue reading

How do I share folders in Kerio Webmail?

The productivity of an organization is often enhanced by one user viewing and/or modifying the email messages, calendar events, contacts, and tasks of other users. This is accomplished between two users by one user sharing folders containing these items and … Continue reading

How do I create a custom or external login interface for PostmanMojo?

You may desire control over login URL to PostmanMojo Hosted Kerio Connect WebMail. The objective of this technique is to enable redirects on the client side without confusing the user. Directions: Create a subdomain on a webserver Make sure the subdomain … Continue reading

Can I add a custom logo to my webmail account?

If you would like to add a custom logo to your webmail account. Please send [email protected] a ticket an attach a logo. The size is 200 px by 40 px. It needs to be in GIF format.

Other Email Clients

How to configure Sparrow on Mac to function with PostmanMojo / Kerio Connect

Summary This article will cover instructions on how to configure Sparrow with an IMAP connection to PostmanMojo / Kerio Connect. Solution To configure Sparrow, you need the following PostmanMojo information: – Your Password – Your Email Address – Your Server … Continue reading


What Is An SPF Record? How Do I Change It?

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a security standard that has been implemented to stop forgery of sender address. Domain owners can say “I only send mail from these servers” which helps to separate forgeries from real mail by using SPF record. … Continue reading

Configuring DNS for DKIM

The process of adding a DKIM record to your DNS may vary according to your provider. Your DKIM was issued to you in your New Mail Account Login Email, when you ordered your first email account with PostmanMojo. The key includes … Continue reading

Anti-spoofing at PostmanMojo

Spammers can “spoof” your email address and pretend their messages are sent from you. To avoid such possibility, PostmanMojo has enabled Anti-spoofing. We have also encrypted the whole communication stream and require SMTP authentication. We do NOT allow any MD5 … Continue reading

What is DMARC?

DMARC, which stands for “Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance”, is a technical specification created by a group of organizations that want to help reduce the potential for email-based abuse by solving a couple of long-standing operational, deployment, and reporting … Continue reading

DNS and Email Security (DKIM, DMARC, SPF)

First, a quick refresher on the different “source” addresses associated with an email: an email has a “From” address and a MAIL FROM address. The “From” address is the address that you pass to PostmanMojo in the header of your email. … Continue reading

Partner Resources

Attachment Restrictions

By default PostmanMojo restricts these extensions: bat btm cmd com cpl dll exe lnk msi pif prf reg scr url vbs If you would like to unblock specific or add others to your individual domain, please submit a help ticket.

Service Level Agreements / Legal Stuff

Please view this section for the most up-to-date information. Legal

How are Backups handled?

Backups are done nightly offsite using Kerio and another provider that provides file-level versioning. We have setup a 60 days lost email policy on the individual boxes, so if a client dumps the trash we can quickly recover the trash. The … Continue reading

When does PostmanMojo upgrade to latest version of Kerio?

The latest versions of Kerio are installed after it is tested by our QA staff. The typical release cycle is about 2 weeks.

So… No Dedicated Servers?

Sorry NO, We do not give full-control to anyone. Our systems are designed that only a couple senior admins can access the kerio boxes directly using remote management with two-factor VPN. Our goal is to present a clean working interface … Continue reading

Does PostmanMojo use Kerio Spam?

No, we do not use Kerio Spam filtering. We have partnered with SpamExperts, the leading provider of professional email security services from Amsterdam. SpamExperts uses a clustered infrastructure with 10 datacenters on 3 continents. SpamExperts is completely multilingual and since … Continue reading

XMPP Support

No, XMPP Sever is not enabled.

LDAP/AD (Active Directory) Integration

No, PostmanMojo does not offer Active Directory or LDAP integration. Our system uses a proprietary directory service to manage and administrate our users, customers, and partners.

DNS Control

PostmanMojo does not provide DNS services to our customers or partners. We provide you our MX, SPF,  DKIM, and DMARC records to make sure your domain is compliant with RFC standards to prevent your email from getting delayed or flagged … Continue reading

SSL Certificates

PostmanMojo has our own certificates. You CANNOT use or bring your own certificate to PostmanMojo. As above, each customer receives their own sub-domain. This is a per-domain. So if you had 10 customers, each would have a separate sub-domain.

Port 4040 – Kerio Connect Administration

We do not allow anyone to access Kerio Connect Administration. Our custom cloud application controls all ADDs, CHANGES, AND DELETES, for all USERS, GROUPS, AND ALIASES.

POP3 or Secure POP3

No, we do not allow POP3 or SPOP3 because this can cause issues with users synchronization.

Custom Ports / Security

PostmanMojo controls and secures all ports on our network. You do not have access to change any ports on our network. We do not utilize the standard port 25 as this can pose security risk to our infrastructure. PostmanMojo, Rackspace®, … Continue reading

Do you include Resources Mailboxes?

Yes, Resource Mailboxes are included for free, but you will need to contact support to have them add it to the server. Please send a request to [email protected]

Do you have Public Folders?

Yes, we offer Public Folders. They are included for free. By default, all users are NOT administrators of Public Folder. If you want to have Administrator rights to Public Folders please email [email protected] Further, you can restrict usage to public … Continue reading

Do you offer Email Archiving?

Yes, we offer Email Archiving. Archiving is per domain not per user. Please check out our Archive Page for pricing. The archiving is reduplicated every 24 hours.

Dedicated Servers

No, PostmanMojo does not offer dedicated servers because of system is built to scale in the cloud with demand.

Message Limits

PostmanMojo limits the incoming and outgoing message size to 50MB. This prevents abuse on our network.

Item Clean-out

By default, PostmanMojo keeps deleted items for 60 days for fast and easy recovery. You will need to send a help ticket to request us to restore a mailboxes’ deleted items. We do not turn on any of the Item … Continue reading

Web Mail Custom Logos

If you would like to Customized your Logo for your Webmail access, please make sure it is in GIF format 72DPI and 200px x 40px. Email the graphic to [email protected] and please include your domain and your security PIN which … Continue reading

Compliance Footers

Compliance footers are included for free. There is no charge. If you would like a compliance footer in all of your emails, please email [email protected] the footer information with your domain and Pin.

Reseller Consultant Signup Instructions

(In this example the reseller will be signing up their customer as a Direct PostmanMojo Customer, PostmanMojo will bill the customer directly and receive the monthly or annual payments. PostmanMojo will then send PayPal commissions to the Reseller 30 days … Continue reading

Reseller Checklist

Do I need a Domain Name before I order?

You have to choose a Domain Name before you can order & add email boxes.

Do I Need to Own the Domain?

YES, you need to own the domain you want to have email for.

Do I need to know where my Domain is Hosted?

Yes, you will most likely have your domain hosted at Network Solutions, Go Daddy,, or one of the another hundred + hosting providers available. (DNS Provider) You must be able to have the username and password for this account … Continue reading

Well, Can’t I buy a Domain from PostmanMojo?

Nope, we focus on Business Email only, domain hosting is a whole other service, you can buy a Domain from a thousand different companies, just point the MX Records to PostmanMojo.

I have new email boxes to order, any issues?

Nope, it becomes simple, just order up and go.

I have old email coming from another server…

You need to know what email system they are transferring their old email from, MS Exchange? Google? Postfix? On-Premise Kerio Connect?, etc. You will need this information to migrate over the old email into PostmanMojo.

I need to “Zip Up” and Export the old email…

Your probably going to send them one mailbox at a time and high speed transfer via FTP to PostmanMojo, or were you planning on shipping a Hard Drive or Flash Drive?, etc… If you are moving from a local Kerio … Continue reading

I think I need a Migration Tool, any suggestions?

PostmanMojo recommends, great service, check it out.                 Migration Wiz Video Tutorial – You Tube

Do I need all the Old Usernames & Passwords?

Best to have all the Email Names & Passwords for each Mailbox for your old mailboxes ready to go, so you can quickly type (Cut & Paste) them into our system.

How do I use my Reseller Code?

As a Reseller or Consultant you will receive a “Coupon Code” for your account: As a Reseller: Drop in the Coupon Code field “BEFORE” you hit the “Place Order” button at the bottom of the Order Page when you order your … Continue reading


Configure Client Software for MojoChat

Configuring clients for MojoChat Instant Messaging Recommended IM clients PostmanMojo instant messaging service is based on XMPP/Jabber, an open technology for real-time communication. Mojo via Kerio Connect recommends the following instant messaging clients: Pidgin for Microsoft Windows Psi for Linux Messages (iChat) for Mac … Continue reading

Configuring DNS for MojoChat Instant Messaging

About SRV records SRV (service) records are entries in your DNS which specify the location of service servers. You must configure SRV records to make instant messaging in Kerio Connect accessible from other servers. There are two types of SRV … Continue reading


I’m not getting Email? Is it my Issue? PostmanMojo’s? How do I Pinpoint the issue?

So, your not getting mail, well that sucks, sometimes it’s difficult to find a starting point to find out where the problem is… is it my email software (Apple mail, Outlook)? My computer? My internet connection? Is it PostmanMojo’s system? … Continue reading

DKIM / Text Record Installation for HOVER

DKIM / TXT Records TXT records allow users to associate some text with a hostname. Originally TXT records were created to add arbitrary human-readable text to DNS records. Today TXT records have a number of practical uses, one of which … Continue reading


What’s this gonna cost for multiple email boxes?

It’s best to get a proper email count first, with the storage MB or GB of each email box so you can calculate the cost before purchasing.

Reseller info, how am I getting paid?

1. If your ReSelling PostmanMojo as your own unbranded Cloud email solution… You run your credit card for Mojo Mail and you bill and take care of all the paperwork to your customer, we don’t exist to the customer. 2. … Continue reading

What Credit Cards does PostmanMojo take?

All of them…. it’s rare you’ll find one we don’t take. Don’t forget the 3-4 Digit Security code…

What’s the minimum number of mailboxes I can buy?

@Work System Other cloud email providers force you to purchase a minimum number of mailboxes like 3, 5 or 10 mailboxes to start on their shard systems. But with PostmanMojo all you have to purchase is just One (1) Mailbox to … Continue reading

Do I have to buy a year in advance?

Do I have to buy a year in advance? No, you can purchase monthly or yearly, whichever you want. You can have some email boxes monthly and other ones yearly, even on the same domain and with the same account.

Declined Payment Email, what do I do?

If you receive this email, no worries, it just means something has changed on your credit card. Click the “Update your billing info” link and login to the PostmanMojo Admin…     Then click the “Account Admin” then “Billing Info” and … Continue reading

How do I delete my account?

Well, we are sorry to see you go, but if you wish to delete your email boxes and bring your account balance down to $0.00, then just delete all the email boxes in your account and your account will automatically … Continue reading