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Private Cloud is for Partners & Resellers Only

Our Managed Private Cloud Severs feature a single tenant environment that gives you all of the PostmanMojo features, and more. Focus on your core business instead of worrying about the complexities of supporting internal or external business email environments. Allow us to take care of the time consuming day-to-day system administration, spam & virus, network infrastructure and maintenance tasks. The PostmanMojo’s Admin gives you the control you need with our team of experts supporting you at every stage along the way. A PostmanMojo managed Private Cloud server gives you a complete cloud-hosted private environment, whilst maintaining the dedicated bandwidth, security and performance your business needs. Our pricing includes, licensing, full server running costs, maintenance and 24-hour US support via email..

What Do You Get?

High Availability
Disaster Recovery
Bring your Domain

Choose your Private Cloud Server Location

The Mojo Platform loaded on Amazon AWS

Silicon Valley, CA, USA
Oregon, USA
Ashburn, Virginia, USA
Ohio, USA
Sydney, Australia
Montreal, Canada
Dublin, Ireland
United Kingdom – Coming Soon
Frankfurt, Germany
Mumbai, India
Singapore, Singapore
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Not Supporting:
Tokyo, Japan
Seoul, South Korea
Beijing, China

PostmanMojo Private Cloud + Amazon AWS Reseller Pricing

  • 5 Users
  • 50GB SSD
    RAID 10
  • Partner & Reseller
  • $49
  • Monthly w/ a One Year Annual Agreement
  • 10 Users
  • 100GB SSD
    RAID 10
  • Partner & Reseller
  • $92
  • Monthly w/ a One Year Annual Agreement
  • 20 Users
  • 200GB SSD
    RAID 10
  • Partner & Reseller
  • $145
  • Monthly w/ a One Year Annual Agreement
  • 30 Users
  • 300GB SSD
    RAID 10
  • Partner & Reseller
  • $175
  • Monthly w/ a One Year Annual Agreement
  • 50 Users
  • 500GB SSD
    RAID 10
  • Partner & Reseller
  • $265
  • Monthly w/ a One Year Annual Agreement
  • 100 Users
  • 1TB SSD
    RAID 10
  • Partner & Reseller
  • $450
  • Monthly w/ a One Year Annual Agreement

The above pricing is our standard packages. Everything is customizable. If you need 10 Users with 500GB of space, not a problem.

Private Cloud Server Features

  • Minimum 5 mailboxes
  • PostmanMojo Web Admin
  • Dedicated Environment
  • Dedicated Storage
  • No Aggregated Disk Space
  • Nightly Backup w/ 7 Day Retention
  • 60 Day Quick Restore for Deleted Items
  • SpamExperts AV/Spam Filter with Admin
  • Managed Firewall and Security for all users
  • PaperTrail Logs – Time-saving log tools, full access, long-term archives, charts and analytics exports, monitoring, track down customer problems, error messages, app requests, slow DB queries, config changes.
  • BYOC – Bring your own SSL certificate (Extra charge) / Or use our shared certificates.
  • Mojo Stack – We test and harden our application stack so that you don’t have to.
  • Ongoing SPAM, Virus and Security Updates – Deploying your email is only the beginning, we provide updates consistently and security patches
  • Monitoring and Availability – We not only continuously monitor your email environment for issues, automatically fix any issue and alert our local support teams.
  • User Access Management – We provide simple tools to allow only the users you specify to access your application environment.
  • Self Service Email Services – Add, remove and optimize your business email on your schedule.
  • Vertical Scaling – The ability to seamlessly scale out your business email, enables you to grow in the way that best suits your email’s performance, storage, and cost needs without having to reboot or take down your server.
  • Multi-Region Support – Deploy from any available region to be close to your customers.
  • Network Security Management – We configure all security groups and firewall rules to only allow the necessary network access for your email.
  • Fully Licensed —  All Licenses are included (ActiveSync, AV, SPAM)
  • True Private Cloud — Your managed PostmanMojo Private Server is kept separated from other clients.
  • Fully Maintained – All our customer’s dedicated servers are monitored 24 hours a day. Any maintenance requirements are quickly identified and actioned.
  • White Label – Custom brand the user experience for your company

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