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I found Postman Mojo when a client who was running their own mail server was forced to move their server under emergency conditions. The migration to Postman Mojo was simple, but the customer service was beyond compare. Throughout the experience and ever since, Michael and his team have been prompt and responsive to each and every call or email. If more companies treated their customers and resellers like Postman Mojo has treated me, the world would be a much better place. I now recommend Postman Mojo to all my clients who use their own servers or hosted Exchange servers.

Ron Marks - 512-440-0355WorkMarks IT - Austin, TX

So glad I found PostmanMojo. I met Steven Coulthard of PostmanMojo in one of the Kerio forums. We began talking about what they had and how they had developed the Kerio Connect Server system into an enterprise level system that was completely scalable and blazingly fast. I was extremely sceptical (you know these crazy Americans..) So I said to him “If it’s really that good and you can get a server here in Sydney then I will be 100% behind it – this is the sort of thing I have been looking for”.

I didn’t expect to hear back from him. But in a couple of days he called me back asking if I would like to test the new PostmanMojo server that they were deploying in the Rackspace® Hosting centre here in Sydney. I helped them test the signup and billing system for Australia and took the plunge – migrating 2GB of data and thrashing the crap out the new server. It performed flawlessly. I was getting ping times back from the server averaging 13 milliseconds over my home cable connection!

I have now moved all of my AltF4 email across to their servers and selling it to my customers, it has been outstanding! I encourage everyone to check it out.

AltF4 - IT SolutionsSydney, AustraliaAltF4 Website

Working with PostmanMojo has been great, they’re very customer service oriented and respond quickly to any questions or concerns.  I’m very comfortable recommending them to my clients, as a better alternative to the free e-mail services out there.

James Handsel - 1-808-457-1901Island Tech Group - Hawaii

The PostmanMojo team was very supportive in helping me migrate a client’s accounts over, even with some very large mailboxes. They went above and beyond to make sure everything was handled correctly and in a timely fashion. Our migration was completed much quicker than I was expecting, with no errors or problems of any kind. I will gladly recommend PostmanMojo to others who are looking for a hosted email service.

Stacy ConawayCincoTec - Katy, TX

“Professional but easy & synched email with benefits is a must-have for every small business and PostmanMojo is by far the best service i’ve ever used, almost everybody who relies on email would need it!”

Apple Certified Support Professional

Filippo Rancan - [email protected]Apple IT Consultant - Carpi, MO Italy

All went very well in my migrations of 5 domains from Kerio cloud to Postman Mojo. All have been running great for the past 5 to 10 days since I moved them. I look forward to adding more domains to PostMan Mojo in the future.

Jeff BagbySirius Mac Solutions, LLC