Mojo Pricing | Hosted Kerio Connect |
  • Mojo Mail
  • $5
  • 5GB Email Storage
  • 9-5 PST
    Email Support
  • Per User, Per Month
  • € 4.0
  • £ 3.3
  • Mojo Pro
  • $8
  • 15GB Email Storage
  • 9-5 PST Email
    & Phone Support
  • Per User, Per Month
  • € 7.6
  • £ 6.6
  • Mojo Elite
  • $12
  • 25GB Email Storage
  • 9-5 PST Email
    & Phone Support
  • Per User, Per Month
  • € 9.8
  • £ 8.0
  • Mojo Platinum
  • $17
  • 35GB Email Storage
  • 9-5 PST Email
    & Phone Support
  • Per User, Per Month
  • € 13.5
  • £ 10.5
  • Mojo Enterprise
  • $22
  • 50GB Email Storage
  • 9-5 PST Email
    & Phone Support
  • Per User, Per Month
  • € 17.5
  • £ 14.0

Shared Cloud Mojo Pricing
Scroll down and see everything included + some extras*

Business Email Sync

Your business email syncs in real-time, to all your Apple, Android, Mobile & PC devices. Because we utilize Kerio® Connect, all licensing fees & Exchange Active Sync are included with the price.

Contact Sync

We sync your Contacts in real-time, when you add or update a new contact on your cell phone it instantly updates everywhere else. We utilize the Kerio® Connect Sync.

Sync your Calendar & Team Calendars

You’ll never miss an appointment again, your own business and teams calendars sync in real-time across all of your devices. We utilize the Kerio® Connect Sync

Sync Reminders & Notes,
(Tasks for the PC people)

Make daily lists on your office desktop or laptop and when you leave the office, your tasks are already synced, utilizing the Kerio® Connect Sync to your iPhone, iPad, Windows or Android device.

Manage your admin account & billing from anywhere

You can add, edit, delete, and change your email from any device. You can update your profile, add domains on the fly & configure your Credit Card information. Everything you need to manage your business email, right in the palm of your hand.

Keep Your Existing Workflow!

Nobody has time to learn a new email system. Connect to your existing Apps… easy & seamless. Why should you have to change what your comfortable with and what gives you the best productivity.

Public Folders Sync to iPhone, iPad & Android

All your Public Folders will automatically sync from the PostmanMojo system to create group calendars and other common folders. We also sync iPhone, iPad and Android with public folders. Since we utilize the Kerio® Connect Sync, there is No extra charge.

Custom Cloud Email Storage, Built for a Mac + PC Fusion

Enterprise-grade VMSphere cloud servers in our Amazon partners world-class datacenters with a 99.95% uptime service level agreement. Our platform is a modified and customized code built on the backbone of Kerio® Connect 8 Server Software.

50MB File Attachments & “No Limit” Email Sending

If you’re using iCloud then you’re being restricted. Let’s take the brakes off your business email so you can worry more about delighting your customers and less about attachment size restrictions.

Unlimited Email Aliases, & Groups+
Distribution Groups

Setup as many alias’s and groups as you need to get your teams completely connected and all on the same page. Groups+ allows for internal and external email addresses to be used in the same group. Small businesses now have the power of the Fortune 500.

The Thin Client Webmail has got you covered!

Our Thin Client Webmail is your cloud equivalent to Microsoft Outlook. It’s free, and you’ll never need to use Outlook again. Sure we connect to your existing Outlook client, but if you don’t want to purchase another license or need to connect to your mail from a friends, co-workers or coffee shop device, we’ve got you covered. Utilizing Kerio® Connect

Get a good night sleep, while we backup everything

Nightly backups & monitoring keep all your business information safe and sound so the next morning your back in business. We backup all your email, contacts, notes, reminders, and calendars. 60 Day Immediate Restore!

Daily Quarantine Spam & Virus Report

Spam is unfortunately a business way of life, but let us eliminate 99% of the guaranteed spam and give you the 1% we’re not sure about. Once you approve a quarantined email, it will be white listed for the future.

Spam and Virus threats eliminated

You get enough email everyday… You shouldn’t have to bother with Spam and Viruses. Our real-time threat identification has got you covered. Our partnership w/ SpamExperts spam and virus filter technology enables us to achieve some of the highest capture rates and lowest false- positive rates in the industry. We do not use the Kerio Spam or Virus filtering.

Remote Wipe your Email

The dreaded realization that comes when you figure out your iPhone, iPad, Tablet or any other device is lost or stolen. All your business email could be available to anyone. No Worries! We have a Remote Wipe feature that can strip your email from your device from home or the office so you’ll never have to worry again.

Cross-Platformed Texting

Texting has become a daily routine for business people. Utilizing the Jabber protocol, we are incorporating a true cross platformed texting service utilizing Kerio® Connect. Use your existing “Messages” tab on your Mac to text your PC & Android Clients. We also recommend IM+ & IM+ Pro for iPhones & iPads

I want my Name @ My Domain

Let’s face it; you need a professional email address to be taken seriously. You can use your existing domain to power all of your company’s addresses, no need to transfer your domain to us, just point your MX records to PostmanMojo and we take care of the rest.

Mojo Real-Time Audit Log Files

PostmanMojo provides real-time log files for your domains so you can see the daily activities of your domains email subscribers. In todays email world being able to troubleshoot and verify your email account traffic on the fly is critical and as a top level admin we provide access to this data through the PostmanMojo Admin .

Great customer support from a company that ‘gets’ small business

PostmanMojo provides free customer support via email & phone weekdays between 8am and 5pm (PST) with critical incident support available 24×7, 365 days a year. Our technical support representatives are the best in the business and are available to answer your questions, large or small. Online self-support is also available via our documentation site.

If that wasn’t enough, look what’s coming soon!

PostmanMojo CoffeeShop Video Chat

Using video chat for business is becoming a daily task. Facetime for apple is not cross- platformed for Androids & PC’s. PostmanMojo provides a true cross-platformed solution so you can be a Mac based company, even if your clients are not.